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What Happens in Wedgles - Stays in Wedgles...

0% interest applies for new customers and new (not re-pawn) items.  See store for details.

as you see on Sopranos - season 4, episode 8

Platinum diamond Horseshoe pin!

Dual Time :)
Arctic Wolf 
(died of natural causes...  may be)

as you see on Sopranos - season 5, episode 4

Frank Sinatra Prison Mugshot!

only in Wedgles...  Andre Roxx - Wu-Tang

only in Wedgles...  David Amram  and Josh White Jr.  September 19, 2012

only in Wedgles...  Phil Phillips, filmed in Wedgles Music & Loan

Denver Post - December 3,2012

Mark Haws showed a visitor around the vast collection of musical instruments at Wedgle's Music and Loan. The pawnshop is located just south of downtown Denver at 1122 Broadway. (Photos by Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

...”Wedgle's Music & Loan, now in its fourth decade at 1122 Broadway, carries more guitars, drums, keyboards and violins than some conventional retail stores that specialize in musical instruments.

The staffers are knowledgable, each specializing in different instruments and equipment. (Wedgle's amplifier specialist could teach a college class in historical and technical sound equipment.)

A lot of parents buy their child's first musical instrument here. Wedgle's also gets plenty of traffic from professional musicians, who sometimes cast an envious eye on the collectible vintage posters, including a Grateful Dead New Year’s Eve promotion.”...

May 19, 2013 - on the set in Wedgles

Filming “Remarkable Life” with Eric Roberts...